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I am new to Go. I’ve done some basic perl and python scripting before. Checked out a couple of YouTube tutorials and found the Failing Forward tutorials to be best so far. Any other suggestions for golang YouTube Tutorials?
Anyone else here using the the Failing Forward golang tutorials? Would love to hear your opinions.

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Check this webpage

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Man folks here are as fast as the language!!
Well I had come across this and other such pages, but I thought I will get it straight from the gophers…thank you Yamil.

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jejeje, you’re welcome…:ok_hand:

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This one is very good for any beginner to Go. As long as a person know common programming terms like “varables” they will be able to follow along.

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Thanks a lot. This is the same tutorial as I had mentioned earlier, but this is one single big video instead of small chapter wise ones.

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@netizen have you seen any of @toddmcleod’s videos on YouTube? He has so many and does a great job getting the viewer up to speed.

Here is is channel:

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Hi jrswab,
Thanks for this link too. Yes I’ve been through some of them.

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R.C. uses Golang in the following (not per se a Golang tutorial).

A Tour of the Acme Editor ( 17. sep. 2012)

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Even if it’s a pure textual tutorial, I think that gobyexample is awesome in term of coverage and conciseness. You should definitely check it. What I don’t like in video tutorials is the lack of copy/paste possibility for a quick check and the code is too often written in way too small fonts and you can’t control it !

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