Golang WebDav Client

Hi all
My topic of discussion is more of cognizance with Golang WebDav Client Library. We have a requirement to download Logs from a remote WebDav server and archive it. any recommendation or advice would be good.


There are many webdav cli utilities out there in a variety of libraries.Does your solution have to be written in Go ?

Thanks Dave. Our infrastructure is GoDriven. Thought of taking advantage of that. i could think of other languages for the implementation if something doesn’t exists.

Downloading a file via http does not require webdav, so it smells like you want webdav so you can walk an arbitrary graph of remote resources and select which ones to download. If you can change that requirement, the solution will be simpler.

yes. thats right. i could pursue this via HTTP to see whether is possible. External Cloud endpoint exposes WebDav as their outlet. usually we connect this via Mac or CyberDuck get the data. thought of writing a standalone client which downloads like SFTP download and have it streamed to other layers.

Mounting with webdavfs (FUSE) is cheating?

For camlistore.org, I’ve done the opposite: write a DAV server. We used golang.org/x/net/webdav

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