Golang Web Crawler

I am a Golang beginner. How can I solve this problem, thank you

Your job is to design and create a CLI application that will parser www.alexa.com data. The application signature should look like the following:

$ ./clawer <action> <arg1> [<arg2>...] 

The application must be able to accept these actions as param and perform the corresponding tasks:

  1. top : show top sites URL on www.alexa.com
  2. country : show top 20 sites URL on www.alexa.comby country

$ ./clawer top
$ ./clawer country

The application needs to have an extensible interface where adding a new action is just a matter of adding more files and should
not require any modifications to the existing code base.
ps. If anything is unclear, you may set a reasonable assumption and state it at the beginning of the situation.

Iā€™m pretty sure there are a lot on this forum that could solve the problem, though the way you asked it, it seems a lot more appropriate for the #jobs section, rather than #getting-help:code-reviewā€¦

If you just want some help with implementation details, then break down the problem to the sub problem and ask more specific questions, showing parts of code you already have.


thank you

Check out Cobra

Thanks! This is very helpful to me