Golang to parse cli output, create reports etc

It’s been a while since I visited this forum or used golang. I’m back again with a very specific query. In my new job, there’s a requirement to parse and filter cli output, send email, create excel and html reports from the data. The server on which I will be running the reporting application is Ubuntu Linux. The output will be mostly unixy in nature. Is golang suitable for this or would Python be better?


It depends on your criteria

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There is almost always no “better” option in concrete terms; just a series of tradeoffs. Which ecosystem has libraries that you prefer? What better aligns with your team composition and future goals? Etc. Anybody saying one language is “better” than another is either selling something (usually ads for clickbait-y headlines) or severely misinformed. Unless they’re bashing on Java and FactoryBeanSimpleInitializerFactoryInterface type class names; that is allowed. :wink:

That having been said, I’ve used a lot of Excel libraries and qax-os/excelize is certainly among the best/easiest to use. Ironically I prefer it over Microsoft’s own offerings (specifically their open XML sdk; their automation for Excel is easy to use but of course requires Excel itself). So, that would be a major factor in my decision-making process here.


@Dean_Davidson such a pity I could like this only once!!
Looks to me as if this library allows adding sheets to existing excel document!! And is a good fit if massive amounts of data is to be written!! Thank you for this amazing information!!

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