Golang test + github action very slow (takes time)

Hi team, it is my first time to implement CICD workflow with go (always with node). The go test really takes a lot of time, even though it only run ~7 seconds in my local machine.

I’ve tried the following:

  • npm run test
  • Use of my affected script
  • Running go test ./... inside the project working directory.

Everything I’ve tried has almost the same time of test.
Is it because of the monorepo setup? I’ve watched in the youtube videos, their tests run and exits right away.

Here is the actual CI of my project.


Additonal info, my tests are just dummy and no go routine implemented thoughout my project. Also my repo is public and can be seen through the link above.


package handlers

import "testing"

func TestIndexRequestHandler(t *testing.T) {
	t.Logf("Running minimal example test")
	if false {
		t.Errorf("This should not fail")