Golang Soap Request

The response like;
We cant find your wsUserName

httpClient := &http.Client{
				Timeout: 5000 * time.Millisecond,

			soap, err := gosoap.SoapClient("http://webservices.yurticikargo.com:8080/KOPSWebServices/ShippingOrderDispatcherServices?wsdl", httpClient)
			if err != nil {
				log.Fatalf("SoapClient error: %s", err)

			params := gosoap.Params{
				"wsUserName":        customerInfo.Username,
				"wsPassword":        customerInfo.Password,
				"wsLanguage":        "TR",
				"keys":              customerInfo.CargoKey,
				"keyType":           0,
				"addHistoricalData": false,
				"onlyTracking":      false}
			res, _ := soap.Call("queryShipment", params)
			result := ShippingDeliveryVO{}
			err = xml.Unmarshal([]byte(r.ShippingDeliveryVO), &result)
			if err != nil {
				log.Fatalf("xml.Unmarshal error: %s", err)

		log.Println("Country: ", result.outFlag)
		log.Println("State: ", result.outResult)

When i use soapui, i can get return.

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