Golang setup issue in vscodium

İ am using Linux Mint 21.2 and i downloaded vscodium and golang on software manager. İ downloaded go extension on vscodium also. İ am newbie cs student and i can’t coding or using linux system, even i am not native english speaker:) İ want learn go language but i am taking this on vscodium:

Failed to find the “go” binary in either GOROOT() or PATH(/app/bin:/app/bin:/app/bin:/usr/bin:/home/user/.var/app/com.vscodium.codium/data/node/bin:/home/user/.var/app/com.vscodium.codium/data/cargo/bin:/home/user/.var/app/com.vscodium.codium/data/python/bin:/home/user/.var/app/com.vscodium.codium/data/gem/ruby/3.2.0/bin). Check PATH, or Install Go and reload the window. If PATH isn’t what you expected, see Failed to find the "go" binary from PATH · Issue #971 · golang/vscode-go · GitHub

What should i do? Please explain simply, for a dummy :slight_smile:

Did you install Go on your Linux ?


anybody here?

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