Golang on Android

Hi there,

I’ve just found a way to install Golang on my Android tablet and make it run my code.
I was looking for an apk to do that but none seems available.
The solution is given here :https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3712244
Hope it will help someone !
Have a nice day.

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Can you give a more detailed excerpt of the article? It seems as if you can’t read it without registering.


Here it is :

I’ve been able to find some package to run python, node.js, clojure, etc. on Android. But no package for our beloved Golang … until tonight.
After installing termux (https://apkpure.com/termux/com.termux), I decided to try to install g++. To my greatest surprise, I found golang in the dependencies that would be installed along g++.
I decided to try to install it independently by:
pkg install golang
And it worked !! I’ve got golang 1.9 for arm on my tablet !!
Now, you need only a good editor like droidedit and voila !
If you want to find other goodies that Termux could install on your Android : http://termux.net/dists/stable/main/binary-arm/
Have a nice day

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