Golang issue in src fille

Can someone please help me
I am facing an issue in github
So when we do the go get -d command on the goes to eleven its created that github dir in package dir not in source

pleae help me how can this issue be fixed

Which issue? Today with modules being the default that’s kind of expected.

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Okay so what i do is i open my gitbash terminal and i make tue directory bin pkg and src
Then in src i used the command go get -d and the resource i want to get and the path i want is src
When it gets downloaded its saved in package file not the source one
And everytime is use go get in documents\goworkplace\src
Its supposed to get that file in source
But its getting it in documents\goworkplace\pkg
Now i am new to this coding thing so cant get past this problem

And the vidoe that i was watching got the file in src only

Today, as go modules are the default, go get usually just downloads the sources and adds the module to go.mod.

Downloading to $GOPATH/src is legacy behaviour that is disabled by default in modern go.

You should search yourself a more modern tutorial that adheres to the module idioms.


Can you suggest me some videos and most of them uses mac i have windows so
I have downloaded these gitbash and goland

I have no clue about videos. I prefer learning from official documentation.

Okay will do that thanks a lot for the help

Will try enabling $GOPATH\src and see of that solves the issue

Wrong direction

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Sorry didn’t get you

You should be figuring out how to work with go modules, not how to revert to the obsolete workflow.


So this i should not be concentrating on directly the go modules correct

Do concentrate directly on go modules. GOPATH is pre-module tech. Avoid it.


Okay thanks a lot
One more thing can you give me suggestions on which videos to reffer as i am new to this coding thing

I don’t like videos. I’d rather read

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Okay ill check the go documentation.
Anyway thanks for the help

Can you suggest me somethings as i am new to this coding thing amd have started directly from go

This was the first hit from google. It looks like a reasonable start How to Use Go Modules | DigitalOcean

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