Golang for desktop apps

Hello everyone,
so i’ve been a web developer (PHP) for many years now i’m willing to switch to software developing,
Go seems so shiny for me right now, but from what i read on the internet about Go i’m a bit confused about it capability when it comes to software development

so is Go well suited for software development as it’s counter-parts like c# ?

Of course it is suitable, I do it all day to pay my bread and butter… Most of the stuff I do are command line tools or deamonized software.

If though by “desktop apps” you do refer to programs which have a graphical UI, I do not have any experience on this sector, not even in other languages. But I have seen that there are bindings to a couple of UI toolkits available for go, perhaps you can use one of them?

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yes i meant GUI apps , i have no experience with desktop apps also so i can’t tell what are Ui bindings are
actually thats the the question i asked in the first place , is Go suited for software development ( does Go have good/easy UI libraries or something like that does Go have any thing like Wizard ???

haven’t done much yet with Go and still learning, but if you have experience with web development, maybe you should like Sciter and it’s binding for Go.
I’m beginning with it too, but with no real experience in html/css/JS, so a lot to learn for me. but it’s the best option I found right now…


if you’re only on Windows, lxn/walk could be a good one too…

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