Golang exercises for beginners

I’m currently learning Go and I’d like to test myself with some challenges (preferably beginner to intermediate level). Does anyone know where I can find such Go exercises? Or books with such exercises. I’ve searched Google but couldn’t find many Golang exercises.

A few sites that focus on exercies and challenges, and that support Go as learning language (in no particular order):

Caveat: all of the above sites support multiple programming languages, so the exercises do not necessarily focus on the specialties of Go.

There is also a Go-only programming challenge site; unfortunately I forgot the name and I did not find it anymore. The exercises were embedded into a story where you are a “James Bond”-like character who has to decipher secret messages, calculate the landing point of a parachute jump, unlock the door of an enemy’s building, etc.

If anyone on this forum remembers the URL of this site, please post it here!

EDIT: Just some moments after posting this article, I found the site:



Thank you, Christophberger.

You might try last year’s Advent of Code (or wait a while for this year’s).

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