Golang engineer role at the intersection of hardware security and cryptocurrency

Hi everyone. My name is Meher, and I am looking for an engineer proficient in GoLang and possessing a working knowledge of C to build a financial product for the Cosmos blockchain network: https://cosmos.network/

Drop me a note at meher.roychowdhury@gmail.com if the listing is of interest to you

Job Description:

This role is a great match for applicants looking to work at the intersection of cryptography, systems programming, hardware security modules and cryptocurrencies.

Chorus builds validators and network nodes for modern Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies. Our infrastructure shall receive, check accounting in and process financial transactions for cryptocurrency users.

The successful candidate will build codebases powering digital signature and other network infrastructure. Hardware Security Modules will be used to harden security against key theft, physical attacks and network attacks. Prior experience with system programming languages, cryptographic libraries and Hardware Security Modules is desired.


  1. Implement blockchain clients and hardware security module (HSM) code in order to enable automated secure signing of blockchain transactions.

  2. Evaluate different Hardware Security Modules such as Thales nShield & YubiHSM for suitability in our production environment.

  3. Evaluate the use of Trusted Execution Environment(s) for additional security.

  4. Implement security policies to ensure that blockchain clients and key signing systems are hardened against internal and external attack.

Dear Meher,
Hope you are doing well !

I am interested and have desired Skill set. Please get in touch so we can discuss further.

Email: scott(dot)cisin20(at)gmail(dot)com

Best regards,
Scott W.