Golang AppGen: Application generator for Golang(http://golangapps.com)

Hi Folks,

We are developing application generator for Golang applications. This helps developers:

  • To create initial Golang project structure with boilerplate code.
  • To quick start POC, which requires Golang applications.
  • To compare and decide available packages to develop particular type of application.
  • Learn development of different types of Golang applications.

Link: http://golangapps.com

We are looking for your feedback and suggestions.

I haven’t tried it, and the options look useful but I’m wondering why you didn’t make it a CLI because that’s what I’d find most convenient. I don’t want to go to a website and download the result, then unpack it. I prefer just to use a command in the terminal. You could still make the options easy to choose using an interactive terminal UI, as well as available as CLI options.

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