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I want to create a blogging app in golang but little confused about memory requirement of golang app, please let me know would i be able to deploy golang app with digital ocean droplet of 4 gb ram, off course this will be initial deployment, after some time i can add more good hardware , but for starting point would this be sufficient?
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I can’t imagine needing more than 4GB to build and run a blogging web server. I wouldn’t be surprised if client-side, you need more than 1GB to run the app in the browser, but server-side, I’d bet you would be fine even with the 512MiB “droplet” for the first hundred or so readers.


Hi @skillian appreciate your quick reply.
i understood that i can deploy golang app in 4 gb droplet (it ia more than enough as you pointed out, only reason i am choosing golang because its compiled, i am very fascinated about compiled languages, for web framework i could find only rust and go as compiled + web supported, long time back i found some memory issues about golang apps memory footprint so i was sceptical about that, i hope golang app can cut the cost in terms of number of requests handled by one droplet.

Hi! Talking about compiled (into binary) languages there are many options outside of Go : Rust, C++, Swift, Kotlin (also java graalvm and C# with mono), Haskell, Nim, etc…a long story. Go has some advantages in backend area so is more popular than others. In terms of memory consumption Go is not bad at all and much depends on the router you choose (which? does it avoid dynamic allocations?) and the framework’s implementation (if you’re using one). Go can be very sober beyond your expectations.
About transfer consumption of course what matters is: reducing json messages size (or whatever you have), compression, external source linked media, browser caching if you need…4GB can be enough for many kinds of app.

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Hi @Metalymph thanks for suggestions, i had a thought Rust as second option, but go is from google and in India lot of big startup are using golang, I have heard that Rust is the only language after c to be used in linux kernel development which is amazing, other option you listed i will have a thought on that as well.
thanks for your valuable inputs.

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The actual memory requirement of your Golang app will depend on various factors, including the size of your codebase, the number of concurrent requests, and the amount of data you’re working with. It’s always a good idea to monitor the memory usage of your app and optimize it as needed to ensure optimal performance. You can ask for help from a company that specializes in application development, for example https://smartengines.com/. I am sure that their experience and knowledge will be useful for you.

@MikeJackson thanks for help, i got a brief idea on memory footprint of golang

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