Golang 1.8.1 src build failures

I downloaded golang 1.8.1 on Ubuntu and attempted to build a project but there are 3 errors in the golang source.

The utils.go file in the uritemplates folder will not build because it can’t find the parse func declared in the turitemplate.go file. I confirmed the parse func exists in the uritemplates.go file so I really confused.

The content.go file in the content file will not build because the background and todo variables are not declared.

go run *.go

That makes no sense. Are you sure you replied to the right topic?

Can you please show exactly what you tried, what you saw when you tried, and what you expected.

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You should share the project code if at all possible, that way everyone can see what you are trying to do and you’ll get fast accurate help. Otherwise we’re left only to guess what you may have done. Thing to remember about the compiler is that it will throw a fit if you have imported packages that you are not using in your code.

Sounds like you could be having an issue with package definition. If you are trying to invoke a function from another package than the one you are presently in, that function has to be exportable in its native package, I. E. start with a capital letter and not a lower case one. : https://tour.golang.org/basics/3

It turns out my install was corrupt. I manually removed all files and started again and it worked fine. Sorry to have wasted your time.

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