Gohtml : Changes not impacted after building

I have cloned to a git project & i’m trying to make some changes in UI. I have made few changes but when i’m doing ‘make build’ those changes are not shown up in executable file. Can anybody help me with it?
I’m new to golang.
Please Help!!

Hi. You must give som more info if we should be able to help you

  1. which repo?
  2. which file did you change and how? What did you expect to happen? What happened?
  3. Is the makefile part of the repo? Or did you do it yourself?

If you want to post some code in the forum. Please do it like this: How to post code on this forum

Sorry about the mountain of questions but it is really hard to help someone without knowing more details.

Hi Johan,
Thanks fro your reply.
Repo is : https://github.com/hunterlong/statping

I made changes in any .gohtml file. On make build its not reflecting.
Sorry if i’m sounding silly.

Hi. You’re not sounding silly. After the build did you restart the server?

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