Gogs v0.8.0 is released

Hi all, Gogs v0.8.0 is released!

Read more about this release on blog post.

Website: https://gogs.io
Download: https://dl.gogs.io

Change Log

Bug fixes

  • Cannot push repository with massive commits like Linux kernel #279
  • SMTP authentication makes invalid assumption on protocol #2152


  • Send email when a new pull request is submitted #1612
  • Auto login after install if admin is configured #1627
  • Disable change username and password for non-local users #1374 #1938 #2154
  • Able to config git fsck timeout #1943
  • Able to show and edit mirror address on repository pages #1984
  • Do not show content of issue in activity timeline #2029
  • Show author email in commit diff #2035
  • Able to change mirror source address
  • Add “New Mirror” button on dashboard #2037
  • Able to set external URL for wiki #2114


  • Able to limit repository creation per user #1575
  • Able to select branch in commits page #1846


  • Drop 0.5.x support, minimum auto-migration version is 0.6.0

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