Gogs v0.7.0 released

Hi all, Gogs v0.7.0 has been released!

Change Log

Bug fixes

  • Admin e-mail does not allow root@localhost when install #470
  • Wrong commits reference order on issue page #1602
  • Inconsistent link of e-mail URL after sign up #1697
  • Migrated repository incompatible with --all flag #1705
  • Members of team has admin access can’t close/reopen issues #1748
  • Huge diff causes out of memory #1790
  • Push returns fail message when no actual update needed #1896
  • Wrong image link is rendered for relative links #1904


  • Detect file renames/moves in diffs #1078
  • Dashboard issues add sorting #1459
  • Allow import local repositories only for admin or permitted users #1511
  • Able to trigger mailer for admin created accounts #1525
  • Show clone URL with original cases #1895


  • Support pull requests #5
  • Auto-render clickable links for images #1433
  • Add config option [repository] FORCE_PRIVATE that allows forcing all new repositories to be private #1657


  • Drop Go 1.2.x support, minimum requirement of Go is 1.3
  • 0.5.x will no longer be supported in 0.8

For more information about this release, please visit GitHub.

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