GoGoConf, polish Golang conference, is coming! [14.06. 2019, Krak贸w, Poland]

Dear Go enthusiasts!

2019 GoGoConf edition is coming! We meet in two weeks in Hevre (Kazimierz, Krakow) to listen to great speakers, exchange knowledge and meet other Golang users.

We already know the topics of all talks:

:small_orange_diamond:Roberto Clapis, Google

Tackling contention: the monsters inside the sync.Locker

:small_orange_diamond:Prakash Mallela, CB Insights

Patterns for effective and effortless Observability

:small_orange_diamond:Oleg Kovalov, Allegro

Patterns for effective and effortless Observability

:small_orange_diamond:Micha艂 艢wi臋tek, Aleph Zero

ALEPH: scaling and speeding blockchain up with DAG鈥檚 and Go

:small_orange_diamond:Anthony Seure, Algolia

Developing a Go API client: the do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s

:small_orange_diamond:Mateusz Dymi艅ski, Nokia

Diagnose your Golang App anytime anywhere!

Sounds interesting, right? If you haven鈥檛 bought tickets yet, grab one now!


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