GoGoConf - first polish Golang Conference - 25th of October in Krakow

(Paulina Wójciak) #1

Hello Golang Passionates!

The first polish Golang Conference is coming on 25th of October in Kraków. You can register and find more details here :arrow_right:https://2018.gogoconf.rocks/
You will have an opportunity to meet other Go developers, have a chat with speakers from companies like solarisBank, Allegro, Brainly, Google, BBVA and others.

Grab a ticket before they’re gone!
See you there!!


(Johan Dahl) #2

How did it go? Are the sessions available somewhere?

(Paulina Wójciak) #3

Hi @johandalabacka !

The conference is only tomorrow :slight_smile:

Unfortunately sessions won’t be recorded :frowning:


(Johan Dahl) #4

Aarg… I live in the future. I thought it was past 25:th already. Good luck with the conference :slight_smile:

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