GoFr - An Opinionated Go Framework For accelerated Microservice Development

Hello, I am very happy to announce that we have been working from past 7 years on a Go Framework, and we have opensource it now.

GoFr is built to simplify the development of microservices, providing inbuilt support for

  1. Configuration management
  2. Database state management using migrations
  3. Inbuilt Middlewares along with support for custom middlewares
  4. Error Management
  5. Inbuilt Datastore, File System, Pub/Sub
  6. gRPC
  7. Chained timeout control
  8. Serving Static Files
  9. Websocket
  10. Support for Surge Protection
  11. Traces, Metrics and Logs

and many more.

Also, by default it follows REST Api guidelines, and it has been tested at huge enterprise scale.

Do visit us at https://www.gofr.dev

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