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Hello, I started learning Go yesterday, I’m using liteIDE its great but I use eclipse for all my work, I installed GoEclipse plugin I created a file but looks like its refuse to connect to the language server if go has one, context assist is not working on go files. Any help is appreciated.

  • Go installation “C:\programming\golang\go”
  • Project Go path “C:\programming\java\eclipse-new\projects\hello\src”

Even though I don’t use Eclipse, what is the error behind those squiggle lines? That could help us to identify the problem behind what you see…


Thanks for the reply, The error does nothing to do with learning Go, I’m using Hello world as example to check if eclipse plugin works, if I could find someone who uses eclipse to help me configure it to detect go syntax. Thank you again

Again, please tell us the error, it can give us tipps on what exactly you missconfigured.

From the screenshot it looks as if eclipse is already picking up some GOPATH and GOROOT, so from a first glance, there seems to be a plugin active which is aware of gos environment.

Though from a first glance… GOROOT usually does not end in src… But maybe things are different in windows…

This is the window of project properties gopath is pointed here “C:\programming\golang\go” I don’t know how it ended up in src i thought its IDE automation,

and helloworld project is in this folder “C:\programming\java\eclipse-new\projects\hello”
when I press . autocomplete window says “an error occured during content assist”

I’m using eclipse “Version: Neon.3 Release (4.6.3)”

What are the errors associated to the underlined sections of code?

Knowing the exact error messages could give valuable hints to what is wrong.

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Its says “Use of package fmt without selector” and when i press . it says “an error occured during content assist”

Not while you try to invoke completions, but those on your very first screenshot.

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@NobbZ I think you don’t get my point eclipse doesn’t resolve go autocomplete

And you don’t get mine. Those errors that eclipse thinks are there might contain hints on the actual problem.

But fine. I’m out.

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When I first started learning Go, I also tried to use Eclipse as I was familiar with the IDE, but I soon learned that the plugin is not maintained and switched to Codium (open source version of Visual Studio Code). It may not be quite as nice as Eclipse, but it works well.

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I’ve been using VSCode and GoLand. The latter is a very good IDE, but it is not free.
In my opinion it is worth the costs to switch to GoLand, excellent support.

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