Godoc.org is still down (not anymore)

(Andreas Linz) #1

godoc.org is down or not reachable from Germany since today morning (maybe even longer).
I receive a 500 Internal Server Error or the connections times out.

(anon58176343) #2

It seems to be unreachable

(Sebastien Binet) #3

here is the relevant issue:

(anon58176343) #4

Its up again! At least I can reach it in Germany!

(Norbert Melzer) #5

You can always use isup.me to check if the problem is local to you or happens at other places as well.

(Andreas Linz) #6

I used it before submitting this thread.
Anyways, it seems to be up again!

UPDATE: Down again.

(Andreas Linz) #7

And … it is back online!

(system) #8

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