GoClipse Project Setup

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I’m new to Go and trying to use GoClipse.

I’ve used Eclipse before but am new to GoClipse and must confess I’m baffled by project setup. I’m using the latest Eclipse Neon download, the latest Go installation and latest GoClipse, installed by drag and drop of the “Install” icon at the Eclipse Go page.

Let’s look at what the GoClipse user guide states:

"A GoClipse project can work in two ways:

The project location is a subfolder of the ‘src’ folder of some GOPATH entry. The project will then consist of the Go source packages contained there."

So, on Windows my GOPATH is set to:


I then create a new project via File|Go Project and enter “hello” in the Project name field. The default location directory is stated as:


I then click “finish” and it places a new file hello.go in “C:\GoWorkspace\src\hello\hello.go”

which appears to agree with the user guide statement that “… is a subfolder of the ‘src’ folder of some GOPATH…”

In the Project Explorer tree I see a file named “hello.go” at the bottom of the tree and also under the GOPATH node.

I now select Run from the “Run” toolbar menu and get a “Problem Occurred” dialog that states:

"‘Launching hello - hello’ has encountered a problem.

Executable file (C:\GoWorkspace\bin\hello.ee" doesn’t exist."

Does anyone know why this doesn’t work?

If I try method 2) in the GoClipse user guide of “…The project location is not part of any GOPATH entry…” and create a new project outside my GOPATH then this time it adds bin, pkg and src folders to the explorer. And if I add a new file “hello.go” to the src package and click run I now get an “Error executing: Configuring launch” dilog which states:

“Resource doesn’t have a corresponding Go package.”

Now, let’s change the GOPATH in Windows|Preferences from “GoWorkspaces” to “eclipse_workspaces\go” and deselect using “Eclipse GOPATH”. And repeat the process of creating a new project called hello. This time in the Project Explorer tree we see 2 GOPATHS, one being the original env. variable “GoWorkspace\src” and the other being “eclipse_workspaces\go\src”.

As I said at the start of this thread, I’m totally baffled by how GoClipse works!

Also, I’ve noticed that each time I open Eclipse I have to reset the GOROOT and the Tools field values. This is a real pain, and does anyone know why it is not saving them?

If anyone’s used GoClipse before and knows how/if it works a reply would be much appreciated!!

Thanks Graham

Given up with GoClipse and moved to IntelliJ with the Go plugin. It works. GoClipse is bonkers!!

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