Gobeat. a health check monitor, command automation tool and process restarter

I’m not sure if this is something that anybody here will find useful, but I decided to post it anyway.

I created a simple tool called gobeat which is located here: https://github.com/radovskyb/gobeat.

It’s basically a simple health check monitor, command automation tool and process restarter which works based on a process’s pid (which can be found using a ps call in the terminal).

I haven’t tested it anywhere except on my MacBook Pro and I’m not sure how portable it is on other unix devices (definitely not for Windows) since it uses system calls and programs such as lsof, grep, ps and also some awk.

Either way, I find it useful so maybe somebody else will get some benefit from it.

The code is a bit sloppy but it gets the job done for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: gobeat can now find a process by it’s name instead of just by a pid.


  1. All of gobeat's greping and awking has now been replaced by pure Go and the code has been fixed to not be so sloppy (since some people seemed to be using it I thought I better start fixing it).

  2. gobeat's process functionality has been moved to it’s own package.

Here’s a link to the package that gobeat uses for processes: https://github.com/radovskyb/process.

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