Допомога у вивченні мови GO новачку

Привіт всім))) потрібна допомога у вивченні GO…я новачок в програмуванні це перша мова що хочу вивчити…хто має бажання передати свій опит і направити на правильний шлях у програмуванні на GO буду дуже вдячним)))

Translation by Google Translate:
— begin —
Hello everyone))) need help learning GO … I am a beginner in programming this is the first language that I want to learn … who wants to convey my questionnaire and send it to the correct way in programming on GO will be very grateful)))
— end —

Ask your questions in the “Getting Help” section. Use English if you can.

If you can read in English, there are some free books online that might help you:




If you need to write on the forum in your native language (Ukranian?), most of us will need to use something like Google Translate or Bing Translator to translate to English or some other language.

Whatever language you use, write simply and clearly!

When asking your question,

  1. Provide sample code. Indent it by 4 spaces or select it and click on the </> button to make sure it’s properly quoted, so that it appears as code and can be cut and pasted. You can use the Go Playground (https://play.golang.org/) to show us small programs.

  2. Be clear and specific with your question.

  3. Make sure you include enough information. Think about what we need to know so we can answer your question and help you.


По-перше - вчіть англійську, це допоможе у вивченні програмування. По-друге - якщо не впевнені у перекладі дублюйте текст на рідній мові, інші користувачі зможуть надати пояснювання щодо вашоі “оригінальної” думки.

Щодо конкретних порад - ви теоретик(звикли опановувати практику через теорію) чи практик(навпаки)?
Sorry, but text below is Google translate:
First - learn English, this will help in learning programming. Secondly, if you are not sure about translating, duplicate the text in your native language, other users will be able to provide an explanation of your “original” thought.

Concerning specific advice - are you a theorist (accustomed to mastering practice through the theory) or practice (vice versa)?

Доброго дня я теоретик

Hello, I’m a theorist

first you need to understand how it works theoretically and then how to apply it in practice

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