Go-zero v1.2.3 is released


  1. support TLS in rest (web framework)
  2. support TLS in zrpc
  3. support TLS for redis connections
  4. support username/password authentication for etcd
  5. support CORS in rest (web framework)
  6. support prefix for group of routes, also supported through prefix in .api files
  7. support individual timeout setting for specific route(s)
  8. support NonBlock dependency checking mode, default to be blocking mode
  9. slow threshold for stat logs now can be set in redis, sqlx, mongo, rest, zrpc
  10. minor bug fixes and improvements


  1. support prefix code generation in .api files
  2. support multiple version templates
  3. optimize the syntax of requests with empty body
  4. fix the issue of grpc client package generation
  5. goctl returns non-zero status code on failure
  6. bug fixes and minor improvements


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