Go-Watcher error, rebuilding go project on file change

Hello friends! I’m new to go. (Angular and node developer) I’m starting to love to GO but I need something like nodemon to rebuild and restart my go server on file edit. My team member sent me this tool:

I must run it in my project root like this:

DEBUG=database GOPATH=/Users/yankoaleksandrov/go watcher -c config.dev.yaml

But I get
2020/10/15 18:42:07 build started
Building …
2020/10/15 18:42:08 build completed
Running …
2020/10/15 18:42:08 process interrupted: signal: killed

Any ideas of better watcher or how to fix this one.
I’m on macOS Catalina.

I can start the server with

./kamion_server -c config.dev.yaml

And everything runs.

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