Go tool asm: exec format error Linux

Hello everyone, I am interested but new to go. When I run a project on Linux, I met some trouble. This is the wrong:

+ Testing ...
mv ecc_pub.bin /home/boom/zkPoD/zkPoD-lib/pod_go/test_data/ecc_pub.bin
go tool asm: fork/exec /usr/local/go/pkg/tool/linux_amd64/asm: exec format error
Makefile:69: recipe for target 'test' failed
make: *** [test] Error 1

maybe my go isn’t configured? I found there is a question about not run in kali because of the version.
Go version is go1.17.2 linux/amd64.
Linux is Linux boom 5.4.0-89-generic #100~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 29 10:59:42 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux.


Did you use any string?

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