Go testing Error Missing call(s)

I am trying to test my handler layer by mocking the service layer using go/mock.
When running the test get these errors

Here is how I do the mocking:

mockBehavior: func(s *mock_service.MockUploader, ctx context.Context, data model.Data) {
			s.EXPECT().XMLFinesService(ctx, data)

And the Run function:

for _, testCase := range testTable {
		t.Run(testCase.name, func(t *testing.T) {
			// Init
			ctrl := gomock.NewController(t)

			cfg := &config.Config{}

			upload := mock_service.NewMockUploader(ctrl)
			testCase.mockBehavior(upload, testCase.inputContext, testCase.inputData)

			services := &service.Services{Uploader: upload}
			handler := NewHandlers(services, cfg)

			// Test server
			e := echo.New()
			e.POST("/uploadXML", handler.Upload.UploadXMLFines()) 

			// Test request
			w := httptest.NewRecorder()
			req := httptest.NewRequest("POST", "/uploadXML", bytes.NewBufferString(testCase.inputBody))

			// Perform request
			e.ServeHTTP(w, req)

			// Assert
			assert.Equal(t, testCase.expectedStatusCode, w.Code)
			assert.Equal(t, testCase.expectedRequestBody, w.Body.String())

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