Go support options for IA64

Recently I’ve been attempting to build Docker on my IA64 machine, and during the merge (it’s a Gentoo distro) of Docker one of the dependencies (Go) fails. Unfortunately, Go does not have Go compiler support for IA64 and the build of Go fails as the Go compiler is called from a folder that does not exist. I know the documentation on Go mentions that it may be possible to cross-compile the Go compiler on some other supported architecture, but I don’t specifically have another machine I can build specifically for the purposes of cross-compiling. Is there no other available options for compiling Go and it’s compiler on IA64?

There is no IA64 support in the standard (“gc”) Go compiler. Cross compiling Go for a supported architecture is fairly straightforward, but IA64 isn’t one of those.

There might be support for gccgo, I’m not sure.

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