Go Running on a Unikernel


Just wanted to let everyone know that there is initial support for running Go on top of a hypervisor - no Linux necessary. We broke a lot of stuff in the process and have lots to work on, but we do have simple http servers working.

It’s all open source so if you wanted a reason to hack on the Go source this is definitely a good project for that.


I saw this on golang-nuts. This is pretty boss. I’ll definitely be taking a look.

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Have you tried providing the forked std library packages as folders under the vendor folder? Or does this require changes to the compiler as well?
(the vendor folder will supersede the std library)

This most definitely has compiler/runtime changes. Right now we require the user to rebuild Go to use it although it’d be awesome to get a deb pkg or something going for it. Any takers? :wink:

It’s not our intention to fork but if you look at how we added support we basically slashed/burned our way through to make it work. We clobbered the netbsd arch but one of the tasks is to make it it’s own.

Also, there are a few very opposing architectural differences - for instance - virtual memory that would make it very hard to reconcile back. I would love to see it find it’s way back to the upstream but that’s going to take quite a bit of work.

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Architecturally for microservices I think unikernels are nice promise so I hope GO can be a major player in it :wink:
All the best guys and thanks for posting the news!

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