Go project folder structure

Can anyone explain what’s is the standard go project folder structure(Industry level)?

A simple web search turns up various hits like this:


That’s the one I follow.

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Good to hear. I’ve just searched the web and posted the link to the project that looks good. Of course, there are many blog posts talking about this question and many GitHub projects that propose a structure.

I doubt that there is an ‘Industry level’ project structure, just good and bad ones :slight_smile:

I suppose mine is different enough from that that I should amend my comment.

I do follow the convention that packages should be in /pkg, documentation in /docs, and command line apps in /cmd. However, I use /build as a .gitignored directory for built binaries and other files, /images for prebuilt images, and /data for static data files.

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Excepting the standard folders specified in documentation isn’t another industry level standard but there are several schemes that cover some users needs. You can consider some of them wich are very popular but also feel free to use (within some limits) your own structure if it fits your needs.

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