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First time poster looking for some advice. I’ve really fallen in love with Go and am considering taking my career in a direction which includes it. Could you guys recommend some things I can work on to prepare myself for interviewing for Go related jobs? Projects, books, tutorials etc. I’m in the process of writing of a little cache server in Go, but I know there is more to tackle.

Thank you.

I’m working on releasing these Go exercises - https://gophercises.com/
100% free and I am trying to pick exercises that focus on different aspects of the language that you will want to learn about at some point. Things like std lib packages, functional options, concurrency, etc.

If you share what type of books or other things you are interested in building or learning and your background (longtime dev? newbie dev? in between?) I’m happy to try to share other resources that you might find useful.


I’m very interested in building distributed systems. I’ve been reading Designing Data Intensive Applications and am primarily looking for application of the concepts mentioned in the book I need practice with concurrency in Go as well.

My background is generally full stack development, backends in PHP.


I’m not familiar with the book you linked, so would you be able to point out a few topics in it that you want to focus on coding or reading further about first?

Concurrency and distributed computing. I’m also curious how people write HTTP backends in Go.

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To start, I think it is worth noting that the topics you mentioned - concurrency, distributed computing, and http backends - are all incredibly broad so I can’t easily say, “Here are all the things you need to know about those topics.” Most of what you will learn about each topic will come from hands-on experience.

Instead, what I can do is provide some useful websites, articles, and ways for you to find content you enjoy.

I’ll start with a few blogs that have a lot of great articles and often touch on all of those topics:

There are many other great blogs out there, but if I had to pick just 3 to start with those three have been around a long time and are jam packed with great info. I’d also note that an article being 3+ years old isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Go and will almost always still be relevant, though the author’s opinion may have changed over that time period.

You can also find a lot of great videos if you look around for videos and talks from past conferences, meetups, etc. If you prefer video this is a great option.

As far as specific resources Go, here are a few to get you started:

Hopefully that will get you started, and then once you have started coding a bit I’m happy to help with more specific questions if I know the answer :slight_smile:


I really appreciate the links Jon! I think these will get me on my way.

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Hi, it’s not about distributed computing yet but I’m writing concise and visual tutorials about Go language here: https://blog.learngoprogramming.com

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