Go page builder

Hi there,

Is there any online page builder built with go. ( wix, Shopify wordpress etc.)

is it a good idea to build CMS using go lang

and what front end language is best when used with go lang for page builder, email hosting and domain registration web app.

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John K.

https://gohugo.io ?

Hi @Sibert

hugo is not available online, one have to run it via terminal

or I am mistaken and it can also be used online to generate websites and customise?

thanks for taking the time to reply

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AFAIK Wordpress, Drupal etc are not “online”. Basically you have to upload them to your site. Once uploaded, you can work “online”. I guess that Hugo will work in the same way (correct me if I am wrong).

It is only the engine that is different. (Go vs PHP)

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are there anyone who already managed to build WYSIWYG page builder using GO lang

and what front end language is better when used with go lang.

for what you see is what you get online page builder CMS for faster loading websites

Thank you

Don’t understand me wrong but by asking such questions you show you have no idea what’re talking about and it’s a good reason why you shouldn’t event start doing it. Start with something simpler.

Go works on backend. Similarly to Wordpress or other CMS. Wordpress’ backend is PHP. Every modern web has its frontend that works in the browser (html+css+js+assets) and combination of two parts you have a web page.

Is Go good for CMS backend? IMO yes, it is but it’s only half of the story.

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Hi @bklimczak

you are right I have no knowledge of go or much of backend, I am student and the project given to me is to build a visual builder which can complete tasks faster & export a sites which can load fast.

I take this course on Udemy : https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-how-to-code/
& that’s how I find out about this blog https://forum.golangbridge.org

now as I still crawling myself to learning to code and build any app / projects

my question was to people who are already an expert in this field or a company who have already done this and might have an advice for me to what technologies I can use to make this work

I have 1 year to do this as I will learn each and every language which I need to use in this project. it will save me a lot of time if an expert can advice what will be the best solution to use with go lang to create visual site builder

thanks in advance for taking the time to look into my post


This is not a programming languages problem but rather, which service providers you want. There are backend and frontend services in some of your listings.

For quick deployment, you can take a look at:

You might want to state your requirements clearer (as in what are the pages for)? If it is plain web contents for reading consumption, you can host it on GitLab Pages or Github Pages as @Sibert mentioned:

Do not underestimate a static site generator. It can be hosted on any version control system like Github or GitLab for free. Most recently, I managed to prototype a covid19 tracing front-end application using only static-site generator and Google Forms (http://hounddemo.zoralab.com/).

A bit tough to answer you this question depending on your available resources.

  1. If you’re a cowboy programmer, Go is much better than C++ (due to the fact you need 1 more person to spot memory problems).
  2. If you plan to create the web application from scratch, take a look at: https://www.gorillatoolkit.org/
  3. If you have the resources, get a team and work together.

If you’re doing web development, start with the basic trio:

  1. HTML + CSS
  2. Javascript (later because I do not want to see it getting abused again)

For now, since you have time constraint, ignore those fancy Javascript framework like Angular or React or whatever. The most important part is processing the data and achieve the objective plain and simple; it’s never about to make something beautifully useless.

You can learn these using Hugo and GitLab alone.

Again, what do you want to achieve fast? If speed is an issue, have a CDN provider in front of the site (except when it is an application). That will do.

1 year is insufficient to contribute production-ready over-the-Internet applications. There are too many concepts to master (FYI, just the network security alone is enough to feel the pain). Stick to one language and master it fully.

Since you’re on web applications, few things you might want to look at (tuned to be laser focused):

  1. Cloud Services
  2. TCP+UDP+Tunneling Network basics
  3. Communications protocols (e.g. HTTP, RESTful, etc.)
  4. SSL (compulsory since http is severely humiliated by modern browsers)
  5. Database (suggest you pick sqlite3 first, then PostgreSQL, then whatever you want).
  6. Search Engine Optimization (a must if you’re publishing reading contents publicly).
  7. Get onto Linux. Most servers are deployed using Linux.
  8. If you’re rushing, get a seasoned mentor.

Good luck.


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