Go open source project

Hello everybody.
I am a Go developer.
Now, I am looking for an open source project to which I can contribute.
I’d love to put my skills something meaningful.
Let’s build new projects together and build the community.

Best regards.

There are numerous open source projects available in the Go ecosystem where you can make a meaningful contribution.

here are few of them their you can contribute:

These are just a few examples, and there are many other projects out there. You can explore platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket to find open source projects written in Go.

Thanks for you reply.
But could you please tell me how to apply to contribute in detail?

Thank you.

Almost all OS projects have a contributing guidelines document. And most have tags for “good first issue”. To use Caddy as an example, here’s the contributing page that explains how to contribute:

… and here are the issues tagged with “good first issue”:

Another project I can think of that really needs somebody in the community to fork/maintain it is the gorilla toolkit. Probably too ambitious for a single person, but, at some point somebody is going to need to create an actively maintained fork.

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