Go-MySQL-Driver v1.3 released

After more than 2 years, we finally released version 1.3 of the Go MySQL Driver today.

Besides many, many bugfixes, this release introduces:

  • Microsecond resolution on date and time fields
  • Placeholder interpolation
  • Support for cleartext and native authentication plugins
  • Config struct and ParseDSN / FormatDSN funtctions exported
  • Read / Write timeouts
  • Support for JSON field type
  • Support for multi-statements and multi-results
  • And a few more new features

Special thanks to our 21 new contributors!


Next, we will try to implement the many new features of database/sql in the upcoming Go 1.8 in the driver. If you are interested in contributing, just comment on the respective issue, we would be happy to guide you!

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