Go-msrpc: MS-RPC/DCERPC IDL Parser/Codegen for Go

The IDL parser and stub code generator for the Microsoft Extension of the C706: DCE/RPC 1.1 like impacket or samba rpc client.

MS-RPC allows to perform various administration tasks, like configuring/viewing MS DNS/DHCP servers, WMI queries, eventlog dump, joining AD domain, or performing NTLM validation via Netlogon secure channel.

Git: GitHub - oiweiwei/go-msrpc: The DCE/RPC / MS-RPC Client for Go

Go pkg: go-msrpc module - github.com/oiweiwei/go-msrpc - Go Packages

Collaborations are welcomed!

Manual: dcerpc package - github.com/oiweiwei/go-msrpc/dcerpc - Go Packages

Examples (WMI exec calc.exe on remote machine, windows registry dump, DNS zones download, endpoint mapper (EPM), NTLM session key retrieval by external auth, eventlog download): go-msrpc/examples at main · oiweiwei/go-msrpc · GitHub