Go Modules: what about "legacy" tags and legacy code?

We are considering to update a repository so it works well with go modules. However, there are two issues that I would like to understand beforehand:

  1. The repository already has version tags, but they are not conforming to the syntax of semantic versions. Is it ok to just add a conforming semantic version? Will the previous non-conforming tags be ignored (our preferred choice), or will the go tools report errors?

  2. Older versions of the code were implemented in a different programming language. When we changed to Go, we just added a new commit that removed the old code and replaced it with the new Go code. Will that confuse the go tools? I expect not, but prefer to ask nonetheless.

Thanks a lot for any hints.


Did you try it? That seems the simplest way forward. :slight_smile:

(I expect positive results for both of your questions.)

We are indeed now just trying it, hoping everything will be fine. :slight_smile:

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