Go Module Vanity URLs

I want to use Go module vanity URLs for all of my projects, currently there are 2.

| project | go module                 | repository                    |
| ------- | ------------------------- | ----------------------------- |
| hnotes  | hellerwach.com/go/hnotes  | github.com/hellerwach/hnotes  |
| webring | hellerwach.com/go/webring | github.com/hellerwach/webring |

I have decided to use the normal way of setting up vanity URLs i.e. a small HTML file. These are located on my server at the specified location and to my knowledge, follow the conventions and standards of go get.

File tree:

| /
|- go/
|  |- hnotes
|  |- webring

Downloading one project (hnotes) works perfectly:

go install hellerwach.com/go/hnotes@latest

However, the other one does not work. Same command as above, but with the module identifier specified in the table outputs:

go install hellerwach.com/go/webring@latest
go: downloading hellerwach.com/go/webring v1.2.0
go: hellerwach.com/go/webring@latest: hellerwach.com/go/webring@v1.2.0: parsing go.mod:
        module declares its path as: hellerwach.com/go/hnotes
                but was required as: hellerwach.com/go/webring

The thing I noticed is that Go is downloading version 1.2.0 which is the latest in hnotes repository, the latest in webring being 1.0.0.

After a day of trial and error and thoroughly going through multiple pages of search engine results, I just do not know anymore. Is there anything some of you know?

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