Go mod tidy private git server

My apologies if this is dup topic but I cant seem to find it if it is. I have my own private git server behind a VPN. I am using the standard git-http-backend server under apache on linux. I need to use HTTP. I cant do it via SSH for internal reasons. I have the git server setup and working just fine. However whenever I do a “go mod tidy” or a “go get” on one of my packages say “mystuff” on server “git.private.net” I get a 404 error. Now I can do a git clone just fine.

Now if I change my module to mystuff.git instead of mystuff, then it works. Problem is, I cant just change the directory name to mystuff.git. I have to change the actually change the module name to mystuff.git. If I dont, the go gives the error:

module declares its path as: "git.private.net/mystuff"
but was required as: "git.private.net/mystuff.git"

Is there a way to use a private git server with “go get” and not have to have the .git suffix?

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