Go Mobile - How to install?

I am trying to make an app with go but I don’t know how to install Go Mobile. I have found websites explaining this but I still don’t really understand, mainly where do I put the

“go get golang.org/x/mobile/cmd/gomobile
gomobile init”


I tried putting it in the terminal and my text editor, but I get errors. I don’t see where else I can type it - Android Studio? I don’t think so…

Please help,

Kind regards.

Try this link, has more examples.

I have already read this page. The answer I am looking for is where do I put the commands? The terminal? My text editor? Or is it somewhere else?

Thank you for the command, but where am I supposed to write it? The terminal? My text editor? Or somewhere else?

In the terminal. Thats what usually is implied by prefixing the lines with $. This is meant as a synonym for your shells prompt. Sometimes you’ll see # instead, which usually means “run as root”.

Yes, on the terminal, the documentation work with unix system

As said before, you have to put those on the terminal.

But its easier to help, if you tell us what errors you have got there.

I know, but the documentation focus on the unix system. is you are correct about the OS installations.

The error I get is
-bash: $: command not found

Because $ represents your prompt. It’s not part of the command. In your first post you didn’t even copy it, therefore I assumed so far you had only tried go get... which in fact were correct.

I was talking about the documentation about the binaries Go, “https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/Mobile”, not about Android Studio.

Ok, thank you, I have solved the problem.

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