GO Linux LiteIDE - Error when trying to compile cross-win32

Hey there, when I try compiling on Linux selecting cross-win32 on LiteIDE, I get that error;

go: cannot find GOROOT directory: /root/go
Error: process exited with code 2.
Anyone knows how to fix it?

PS: I only get this error when I select cross-win32 on LiteIDE, when I select default option “system”, it compiles normally without any error.


i guess you didn’t properly install Go on Linux (GOROOT variable?). you can use this project for install correctly the environment. compiling for Windows32 from Linux works for me.

also,even i don’t think it matters in this case still check if you have 32 bit support.for Debian/Ubuntu use

sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-i386

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