Go is ignoring code changes

I made changes to the code, made a commit (verified it made it to GitHub), and when I go to run the code, Go doesn’t run any of my changes

I am also unable to use a function I added utils.CheckSudo() anywhere in the code base without getting an undefined error, like it isn’t realizing I even made the function

I noticed all of this after a contributor made a pull request that broke the project up, into two folders

GitHub repo link (if it helps): https://github.com/TheRedSpy15/Multi-Go

It sounds like the stuff that happens between “made a commit” and “when I go to run the code” is likely important. How are you building/deploying the project? I see a download link to the binary but not the compilation/deployment steps which you expect to actually update it.

To build, I cd into the project folder & run go run *.go

I also tried go build and then ran the executable, but still, nothing changes.

Have you changed your project locally and still an old executable is run, or do you have changes from a third party on github only and expect them to appear magically in your local copy of the repository? If the latter try git pull from your code base.

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