[go] how launch telegram bot on vds

hi how I can lunch bot telegram (go) on vds server (ubuntu) ? I get error (need help)…
error (dial tcp…) , launch on my mac+vpn worked fine…how I can properly launch my bot?

What do you mean by “vds” server?

There are many errors starting with “dial TCP” or similar, can you be a bit more explicit?

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virtual dedicated server,

bot, err := tgbotapi.NewBotAPI("mytoken")
if err != nil {


2019/04/21 20:07:42 Post https://api.telegram.org/mytoken/getUpdates: dial tcp connect: connection refused

That IP address ends in 330, which is obviously invalid.

My DNS lookup says, api.telegram.org is, so maybe start searching there.
Check /etc/resolv.conf to see what your nameserver is.

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I edit ip adress my self…

Well, then there is some kind of packet filter between you and the destination.

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no, telegram blocked in russia, i dont know how i can deploy telegram bot on vds (

Well, if your server is located in Russia, you’ll need to VPN out of Russia first. Not sure if that’s legal though. If your server is located outside of Russia, it should just work, assuming there are no other networking issues.

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ua genius man)) easy way change hosting :slight_smile: thanks all guys, I change hosting all worked fine now

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