Go (Google Product) Programmer

This role is working for AIC supporting IBM in Austin, TX. AIC will be doing the hiring, not IBM… they will just be supporting IBM… Term is 6 months and we are open for Full time option as well.
***Go is an open source product developed by Google. *** Below are the areas in which they need to be proficient.
Key Protect GO Profile
End to End GO programmer:
1 - GO REST API experience
2 - DB Principles
3 - Experience with SQL
4 - GO encryption modules awareness
5 - Scalability with HA Proxy
6 - GO Test case automation
7 - GO package management
8 - GO CI/CD concepts
9 - GO builds
If interested, please send me your resume to: "joem@techsmarte.com"

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Is this job available to work remote any country?
Please let me know this.

No, the candidate needs to be onsite at Austin,TX