Go get: tls handshake timeout [go1.12.1.windows-386]

Hi, i get the following error when trying to get bra package as prerequisites to build grafana on windows 7 32bit. However no error when i run the same command in Windows 10 64-bit [go1.12.1.windows-386 and amd64].

C:\Users\user\Desktop\inst\grafana-6.0.1>go get github.com/Unknwon/bra
package gopkg.in/fsnotify/fsnotify.v1: unrecognized import path “gopkg.in/fsnotify/fsnotify.v1” (https fetch: Get https://gopkg.in/fsnotify/fsnotify.v1?go-get=1: net/http: TLS handshake timeout)


I haven’t access to a Windows 7 32-bit machine. But I works on 64-bit Windows 7 with 32-bit versions of go 1.12.1 and Git-2.21.0 (https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/releases/download/v2.21.0.windows.1/Git-2.21.0-32-bit.exe)

Do it work in powershell accessing the same address?

PS> Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://gopkg.in/fsnotify/fsnotify.v1?go-get=1

Why do you need to run it on Windows 7? You know you can cross compile on your Windows 10 machine for Windows 7 32-bit?

In a powershell:

$env:GOARCH = "386"
go build -o myapp.exe main.go
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Ok. Tq for the recommendation. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for helping.

This is just an assumption. Older TLs versions have been disabled on GitHub quite a while ago.

This might be related.

As I am not using windows, I can not tell you a solution, but trying updating windows to the latest patches.

Hi, seems like both windows 7 x86 and amd64 are not working for go get from github. Windows already have all updates to the latest. But no issue while working with windows 10 x86 and amd64. Not sure but what’s missing in windows 7 but I’m happy with building from Windows 10 and able to run in Windows 7.

Which version of git are you using? If you haven’t got the latest try to upgrade.

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