Go get marking go.mod +incompatible

Hi, I’m upgrading from go 1.10 to 1.11. I had a working build and code with 1.10, but when creating new go.mod build/version system and using go get to fill it up, it is marking a certain library with +incompatible. Why would it do this? How do I get more information about the issue ?

github.com/appleboy/gin-jwt v2.5.0+incompatible

Here is my full go.mod, which is a basic http server with some GORM orm model and GIN as Http framework.

My use of gin-jwt is straight from the github readme…any ideas?

authMiddleware, jwtSetupErr := jwt.New(&jwt.GinJWTMiddleware{

warning on compiler also says…
undefined: “gin-jwt”.New
but there is a function New in that package (i tried 2.3.1 and 2.5.0)

require (
github.com/appleboy/gin-jwt v2.5.0+incompatible


+incompatible means the package uses versions >1.0 in the pre-modules way of doing that. It’s not a problem, in this case.

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