Go get "at latest version but not at required version"

I have developed a package i.e: abc and it is stored in a private gitlab instance. The latest version is imported into my program and works as expected. I recently needed to make some changes to the package and I assumed I could create a new branch f1 and test package abc by retrieving that specific branch/version as follows:

$ GOPRIVATE="gitlabprivate.com" go mod edit -require gitlabprivate.com/workspace/abc@f1
$ GOPRIVATE="gitlabprivate.com" go get -u 

However, this fail with:

abc at latest version v0.0.0-20200407120314-666552805e7a but not at required version v0.0.0-20200416000117-e07f205569a2

666552805e7a being the master/latest version. The version/branch I require e07f205569a2 has been downloaded to my module path but it is not available to my program.

How do I get this to work but more importantly what is the correct procedure to work with locally developed packages?

The thing is your require command is asking the go module to fetch branch f1, not the latest version, commit id, tag ID, or other branches that has the latest versions (master?). If you arrange your f1 to the latest and greatest, it should be able to fetch the latest commit id.

It’s more on how you manage your repository structure. You can follow Debian delivery practices:

  1. master = stable release.
  2. staging = test release (for next stable release)
  3. next = sid release (bleeding edge)
  4. release-vX-Y-Z = specific version releases via branch fetch
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I see what you’re saying but f1 is actually based off the master branch and has the most recent commits.

I also experiment by removing the go.mod entry and running go get directly:

$ GOPRIVATE="gitlabprivate.com" go get gitlabprivate.com/workspace/abc@f1

I imagine this should remove any concerns about what is latest but it resulted in the same error. I’m now confused as to why it is even aware of version 666552805e7a.

You need to check the gocache to see whether the downloaded git branch is exactly the same as your main repository. As far as I understand, 666552805e7a is go mod pseudo version number which generally makes not much of sense just by staring at it.

Your f1 to me is the same as release-vX-Y-Z in my context. It’s a fixed version of your software. go get will fetch that branch as it is. What I meant was say if you want latest and greatest, you probably want to arrange the branch managements accordingly. So in my context, I will go get @next for bleeding edge.

Don’t worry, I still use branch release for go get over the tagging because the v2, v3, ..., vN directory enforcement policy is really making a mess in the repository.

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