Go for Macs w/ ARM (M1)

I’m thinking of switching from my Intel Mac to an ARM Mac (M1 SoC), but my concern is if Go binaries are available for the platform already, if not, then what the expected release date is, or what’s all involved to compile Go for the platform myself (which I have not done yet).

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Nov 10, 2020

Assuming the M1 is Apple’s version of the arm64, then Go will support the platform as of the upcoming 1.16 release.

Cross-compiling from a GNU/Linux system should work fine as usual for a pure Go program that does not use cgo.



Go1.16 Milestone · GitHub

Due by February 01, 2021

Go Release Cycle

Development for Go 1.16 was frozen on November 9. The next steps are Beta releases, followed by Release Candidate (RC) releases, followed the by Final Go 1.16 release.

Installing Go from source

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